Make Your Mark / by Kate Brightbill


I fell asleep on the couch at my parent's house at 7:30 tonight. Everyone should invite me for over for dinner, right? Ha. 

I'm sleepy! Maggie has been waking at 6:30 this week (new 2-year molar maybe?) and we are sooo spoiled with the 7am wakeup that this crazy still-dark wakeup call is taking it out of us. I know a lot of friends whose children wake at 5 and they're probably wanting to have some choice words with me right about now, so I'll move on.

We used the car today and drove to the beautiful north bay for a Mark and Graham Trunk show at Pottery Barn. Have you heard of it? It's a new brand with a modern monogram on their products. So much prettiness. I don't own much that is monogrammed, but there is something extra special about a piece that has been specifically monogrammed just for you, you know? It's particularly perfect for buying wedding gifts or Christmas gifts.  Everything feels like fine quality and it was good to see in person. They'll be doing more trunk shows this fall, so be sure to look for one in your city. :) 


After we shopped, we crossed the pretty bridge with all its views (we HAVE to walk the Golden Gate Bridge soon. It's one of those things locals always forget to do with their kids and I am determined to go this fall!), and went to see my family. We brought a nice batch of apples (obviously) to cut all together at my parents' and made a crumble for dessert. It was unreal. I'll totally be rounding up these recipes I've been getting up for apples, and get some recipes to you. One thing I'm learning? Apple recipes hardly need any ingredients to be good.  

There you have it. A day in the life. It was a good Thursday. Thursdays are so close to Friday that sometimes they feel almost as good.