Loving and Linking / by Kate Brightbill

Found these pencils on Pinterest, via Lauren Conrad, via MoxiePear {gotta love the internet}. Aren't they BEAUTIFUL? Such a good little gift for a friend with a new job, or a coworker, or a teacher... 

This cracked me up. Jimmy Kimmel is so funny. 

Interviews are some of my favorite things to read, especially the long ones.  {my friend shares the most interesting things on her fb page!}

Loving these for day-to-day in the city. Or these. They're the kind of comfortable shoe that also makes an outfit look put-together, you know? I also love that flats are looking REALLY good these days with their prints, t-straps and ankle straps making things interesting. 

Here's a perfect recipe for Saturday morning. With a giant cup of freshly brewed coffee. 

 This seems idyllic. Sharing a meal under white lights in the fall outside in the city? Count me in. It's officially on my fall bucket list.

I'm feeling like I need a fall makeover. You know? Just a mild haircut/color and some new makeup. I'm liking this hair color and this is the best product for brightening my eyes. I had some, and then one day, I thought Sophie was napping, but she was actually emptying it on her rug, ahhh! I'm edging in on 31, so it's totally time for a refresher (I have this conversation with Brian every fall, ha).

 Fun to see my little  food art for  Honest on a blog I love. (Ps! Get a free trial from the Honest Company  here... or just order the bundles because they're amazing.)

 This book looks beautiful. Chronicle books are always a step above average, and Sophie and I have started to have some set learning time every day, so this seems like it would be a great resource.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend! I'm so looking forward to ours!!