Surviving a Weekend Without my Husband / by Kate Brightbill

My husband is home. Four days gone, and now I get him back.

May I first just tell you- single mothers: I have no clue how you do it. Mothers whose husbands travel constantly: I don't know how you do it either. Mothers whose husbands just work kind of a lot and randomly travel: I'm with you.

SF had a little rain this weekend... it was very exciting to take out the umbrellas and rain boots. ;)

SF had a little rain this weekend... it was very exciting to take out the umbrellas and rain boots. ;)

We actually had a very good weekend. We celebrated birthdays and spent time with family and friends... but there's just that thing where you can't "call in the reserves" to discipline or to be an extra set of hands when you really need them.  

I created some tips for my future self on Brian's next trip... take 'em or leave 'em:

  1. Grab some sour candy {or whatever your vice may be} so you have something to look forward to when the kiddos go to bed. Cookie butter is another good option. 
  2. Feel free to repeat your outfit three days in a row. The only person who might notice are your kids and next-door neighbor, so no big deal. 
  3. Take a fun field trip with the little ones. A walk to get pizza, a bus ride to a new park, a playdate at a different house... these are things we do less frequently, so it's fun to spice it up while their daddy is gone. I try to adjust my mentality to make the extra time alone with my kids an opportunity rather than a burden.
  4. Make a really great breakfast casserole or bread or bread pudding one evening. The next morning, when you're sleepy and wiped out, you can pop that deliciousness in the oven without working for it in the morning, and it'll feel just a step above the ordinary. It helps everyone wake on the right side of the bed/crib.
  5. Be sure your caffeine is fully stocked.
  6. If you're invited somewhere, GO. Get out of the house and be as social as you can, so you feel like you're not alone! Bonus for this one: your kids will wear out enough to fall asleep extra quickly and you can get much-needed quiet time early in the evening. 
  7. In the evenings, do things you don't usually have time to do: take a long bubble bath, read a book, or watch "You've Got Mail" a few times. {"I hoped it would be you..." awww) 
  8. Try to get together with a friend who can come over when the kids are in bed. I had a girl friend come and chat about nothing and everything for three hours straight one evening and it was perfect. Kind of like a throwback to college days. I wore sweats like any good hostess.
  9. If your guy is on a fun weekend to refresh, be sure to LET HIM refresh. Needing to chat every hour is counter-productive for everyone. It's best to let him have his space, and then enjoy his company so much more when he gets back home! 
  10. Take one day at a time. Don't think about how looong it'll be without a break; rather, just say "today will be a good day" when you awaken. Mentality is half the battle.

 Really, a weekend with the guys is a healthy thing for Brian to have a couple times a year. It gives him a break from pressure at work, and responsibilities at home. It allows him to enjoy his meals uninterrupted and watch football games and get quality talks with good friends. The last thing he needs is to feel guilty about being away.

ps. I can also definitely use a nap right about now. Schedule those into a weekend with a husband out of town too. ;)