Loving and Linking / by Kate Brightbill

Photo via  Pure Mamas

Photo via Pure Mamas

Healthy + gorgeous meal. Seems manageable to make, too! 

My new favorite website. So good.

Oooh, the steepest streets in SF...  climbing stairs rather than sidewalks is kind of awesome.. unless you have a stroller (been there, done that, oops!).

I'm so into this fall board. Fall is such a charmingly cozy season.  

This is such a good set of 25 tips for taking low-light pictures.

"What I miss about my city" - quotes by leaders & influencers. LOVE this. 

Dreamy kids' desk space. I love uncluttered, minimalist spaces, especially in mini version. 

This skirt is PRETTY. The color itself kind of sells me.

Big fan of this look

This was entertaining... oh whole foods... 

ALSO: Delighted, issue 6!! The BEST weekend reading!!! 


I slacked a bit getting online this week. We lived big... here to there to everywhere. The weekend is going to feel REALLY good... anyone with me?