Celebrating / by Kate Brightbill

My husband turned 31 last weekend. He looks like he probably turned 23, and his heart is 19, but his age is 31.  


Birthdays are great. They really are. A REALLY good birthday can be simple. In our old age (!), we prefer being with people we love, focused only on quality time together. We met dear friends at the beach for a beautiful bonfire to celebrate, and it was just right. We discussed who assembles the best s'mores, throws the best spiral, and jumps the furthest off the sandy dunes {In my opinion, Brian won all three}. 

I love simplicity.


I'm lucky because I'm younger than Brian... but only by a month... I'm taking every opportunity to let him know he's an old man for the next 25 days or so. Also, how much I adore him, but that goes without saying. ;) 


So glad we get to grow old together.