New Shoes / by Kate Brightbill

It was time. Sophie had blisters from her shoes, and would cry when we walked too far that her feet were hurting. Brian's mom came in town this weekend and decided she must do something to fix this.

Enter: our new and old, tried and true favorite footwear (and outfits to accompany):

fall footwear.jpg

flats // dress // hat

sneakers // jeans // sweatshirt

casual // tee // skirt

Sophie got measured for new shoes, and tried about ten different pair, and we settled on two. Does anyone else have serious trouble picking shoes for their pre-schoolers? We want them to work with a lot of outfits in their closets, so we get the most bang for our buck, but I also want them to be "fun," and interesting enough for my children to want to wear them! There's the comfort and durability factor, and the on/off factor, the "will they stand up to the park" factor, etc. 

That said, we try to replace shoes accordingly. We like to have one flat/princess shoe, one sneaker/park shoe, and one comfortable shoe that can be versatile and neutral. We also love having some Minnetonka boots in the rotation. 

Sophie has never had sneakers like her new New Balances she got today. We mentioned they look like my running shoes, so when she wore them tonight on our walk, she wanted to race her daddy the whole time. When they finally stopped, she looked up and said,

"Daddy! This is great! These sneakers really work!" 

Now we have a little marathoner-in-training.