So Good: Skylar Luna Pajamas / by Kate Brightbill


We ordered Skylar Luna pajamas the other day.

Sophie picked the colors and I've never seen her so excited for something to come in the mail. I had no idea that it would be such a big deal that she got to choose her pj's on her own! Every day after we ordered them, she's been asking if today was the day they would come. She's SUPER excited about my in-laws coming in town tomorrow, so she really wanted the new pj's to come in time for them to see. 

They came! And they're every bit as lovely and soft and organic and eco-friendly as we hoped. The girls giggled when they put them on, and Maggie couldn't stop shouting "MATCH! MATCH! MATCH!" because- well- the girls kind of matched... also because she is in a phase where she repeats words until everyone hears and acknowledges. I love toddlers.

Skylar Luna.jpg

Maggie loved hers so much that when I asked her to get dressed this morning, she insisted that she needed to keep her pajamas on. "No clothes" today, she said. They're so cute that I was perfectly fine with that. You can only get away with this sort of thing for about two years of your life, so I figure I may as well allow it. ;) 

I'm also excited because I've found my new go-to gift for little friends' birthdays! Pajamas are one of those things that are thought about LESS than daytime clothing, but as a mother, I've realized that the bedtime clothing and cozies get so much more use than the daytime outfits. Beautiful 100% cotton organic pajamas it is! Thank you Skylar Luna

Here are some other options we like (for boys AND girls!): 


Samples were provided for review but we were not compensated for this post. ALL opinions are our own. We LOVE Skylar Luna. xo