Loving and Linking / by Kate Brightbill

Photo via  Studio DIY

Photo via Studio DIY

This gumball stirrer concept is one of those brilliantly simple "why-didn't-I-think-of-that" type of DIYS. It would have been perfect for Maggie's birthday party!

Sleep is so important. Six tips for getting a better night's rest. 

I found this riveting and thoroughly entertaining... I find the "advice" at the end especially good.

Technology etiquette. So important.

If you're having a fall party and need a simple favor for guests, this is perfect. 


Sophie's shoes have started to give blisters. I'd say it's time for an update. I had some J.Crew flats for Sophie 40% off in my cart, but I missed the sale, then they backordered... so we went with these instead. I'm glad they're 50% off, but it's weird to order shoes online. It's something we've always done in-store.  Hopefully they fit! They look like they'll be pretty versatile. (BTW, the prices for 4-year olds is way higher than the prices for 2-year-old shoes. Learn something new every day).

Takes three seconds to vote for Old Skool Cafe to get an ad in the superbowl! VOTE here.

Bento inspiration, indeed. 

One of the best instagrammers has one of the best little shopping sites. Endless sweetness. 

And we all need at least one recipe to inspire us to keep cooking, right? Here are good ones: Quinoa Fritters, mmmm and Brie Apple Tarts {two of the most delicious things, so it would seem they're fail-proof?)

Happy Weekend!