Library Trip: 01 / by Kate Brightbill

The library is almost a weekly visit for us. Maggie turned two and ripped her first library book ever and cost us $10, but apart from that, it's amazing to let my kiddos soak in book after book after book for free. Their bookshelves are packed with books they own, but they literally cannot get enough. Even Maggie knows if I'm trying to pass off one of their books as a "new" library book (I tried it today because I was nervous about the book rip rate, haha), and they want new pictures and new stories.  

I thought I may start sharing some of the books we love once in awhile. I love getting recommendations from friends, so I'll pass on some of the books that were extra popular with us:  


Clockwise from top left:

Charlie and Lola- So far, we've loved every Charlie and Lola book. We check out a new one every time we go, and they are SO CUTE, and have bright and cheery, fresh ways of displaying the words on each page. 

Princess Kim and Too Much Truth- Funny little story about telling the truth. 

Animal Spots and Stripes- Maggie LOVED this one. Vivid pictures of animals. 

Miss Lina's Ballerinas- Obviously a hit with my 4-year-old. Rhythmic phrasing, which I enjoy reading out loud, because it's way easier. Just being honest. ;)

ABC: A Child's First Alphabet- the hardcover, un-rippable type of book that teaches letters with perfectly detailed pictures. 

Purple Little Bird- Super-cute story of a bird who discovers how much he loves colors. 


There you have it. Read away!