Summer to Fall / by Kate Brightbill


That chill is coming and it's one I know and love: FALL. Crisp leaves, cider, coats, yes please.  

We had the most fabulous little photo shoot at Blink Inc. the other day, which is where I got these amazing pics of my kiddos... One, painless little 10-minute photo shoot was all it took! I'm baffled at the skill level.

We created the shoot as a way to show how my girls like to transition their summer staples into their fall wardrobe. (I managed to forget to bring Sophie's jacket, like any good mother taking their children in 65 degree weather, taking pictures for fall, but we can all use our imaginations and get the idea...)  

Maggie likes shorts. I like when Maggie wears shorts because it means it's nice and warm out, and I'm probably exploring the city and smiling and laughing a lot. Shorts are a one-season item, right? Wrong. Shorts are crazy-adorable on little girls who want to look their preppiest in the fall. Shorts with grey tights and sassy moccasins and their favorite green peacoat hand-me-down. Happy all around.  


There is nothing my Sophie loves better than a good twirly dress. Her go-to is a floral number that she has worn or requested to wear 23 of the 24 days she's owned it. She loves it to bits. It has a halter though, and that's just not necessarily a practical decision when the temperatures drop a bit. What do we do when she wants to hit the playground in her favorite dress when it's a misty morning? Knee high socks, rain boots, warm scarf, and any basic jacket or sweater! 


The moral of the story? KEEP the summer gear!! Be creative with it, and have your kids' clothing live to see another day, stylishly! 

The other moral of the story? Find Blink Inc. ASAP and book a session. Photographic brilliance in mere minutes. GREAT for the kids who just don't love long photo sessions, and SO much fun to do with props!

Cannot wait for the next chance to get more picture gems of my kiddos.