Hello Reality! / by Kate Brightbill


Last night I went to bed at 12:30am. Really? Yes. I was strangely wide awake, and setting myself up for a solid, drowsy morning of entertaining children. I was so sleepy this morning that I left the house for a little trip to the library without drinking my coffee. Whaaat? It's okay. I treated myself to a cup because I made it through the first day back from vacation. Wait, so you mean I have to make breakfast, lunch, AND dinner?

The day after vacation is always SUCH a doozy. I mean, reality is great and all, but vacation-- ahhh vacation. The total dismissal of all things responsible is entirely too ideal... I shouldn't say all things responsible. Obviously I had to make sure my children didn't hurt themselves or get lost on our trip, but I had my partner in crime by my side to tag-team the whole thing.  

We went to Tahoe. Tahoe is insanely gorgeous and I tried so hard to get a picture of the vast, mountainous beauty as we drove down toward the water, but all I got were 15 blurred photos that needed to be deleted. There's no photo that will quite capture the blueness against the sharp green inclines with gorgeously textured grey rocks... you'll just have to go there yourself one of these summers. I did, however, manage to take 500 photos of other things in four days, and I'll go through and share like any good blogger should, but not today. Today I will ramble and then I will nap. Two of my favorite pastimes. ;)

I'm curious if it's a pretty normal thing for people to hear "wow, you have your hands full," and "are they your kids or are you the babysitter/nanny?" or if it's just me. I think almost every time I go out, I hear one or the other sentence. I never know if I should be flattered that the big world thinks I am a nanny with my hands full and think it means "wow, she's handling things well," or (more likely) if it simply means I am making the management & mothering of my two children look far more difficult than it should. If it's the latter, I'm going to go ahead and blame the bulky wagon we take everywhere, and its terrible turning radius. It's incredibly photogenic and totally essential, but those wheels and weight are not made for the hills of this city.  

Today when we went out, Sophie decided to touch a plant that made her hands sting and she walked all the way home with her hands clapped together, moaning that her hands were so pokey! Why would someone plant a crazy poison plant like that is beyond me, especially because it wasn't particularly pretty, but the guy who handed my coffee over was totally right with the whole "hands full" line he gave me. We got home and I sat in a chair on top of Maggie's toes, and then went to put a toy away and rammed my shoulder into a shelf, so we're quite the scene today.

I'm feeling all of this means that we have come home from vacation a week too early. Tahhooooeeee, we miss youuuu!


Where's the cookie butter when you really need it?  Therapy in a jar, that's what I call it.