Make it: Finger Puppets / by Kate Brightbill


These little finger puppets are so easy, it's almost silly to have a tutorial- which is totally my kind of DIY post. 

These came about because Maggie was having a birthday, she loves puppets, and well- who knew? Finger puppets can cost a pretty penny. I had all this felt from making bows {for Maggie's birthday a year ago!}, and it was time to put it to good use. So I did: 


Really, all you need to be pushed to do is create a whole stack of colored finger covers. It's soo easy, and once you have those, you can be as creative or NOT creative as you want! The hippo took about one minute flat to cut the face shape, hot glue to the finger cover, and use permanent marker to draw the face- simple. The sun took me a little while to cut... all those ridges, of course, but Sophie couldn't stop telling me how much she loved it best. Basically just freehand, or do a google search of some of the extra nice ones on Etsy {these and these were my favorites! So fancy!}, and try to replicate them with your own scissors. I used white paint on the dots + black marker for the eyes, but you can also use white-out if you have that in the house. 

Basically, get those scissors and hot glue gun busy, and have fun! This is too simple NOT to try for your preschoolers, and they'll have hours of fun with them!  


(ps. felt rectangles are only like 33 cents each, and make probably 8 puppets)