Loving: Peppercorn Kids / by Kate Brightbill

Photo via  PeppercornKids     

Photo via PeppercornKids 


I love telling you about brands that make us smile.

Peppercorn Kids is one of those brands. Your child loves fish? Hey, here's a purse they've created just for you! Bows? A giant bow necklace! Perfect. Hearts? Yes, this will work perfectly. Foxes? Pilots? Sparkles? Check, check, check. 

My girls are the types who want to play dress-up every day all day, inside and outside. I have strict limits about wardrobe practicality when we go on adventures, but I'm totally game with them using their creativity to accessorize anytime.

I love Peppercorn for their design ingenuity. I love that I've eyed their pieces on other sites without realizing until recently that all of these cute things are created by one brand. They're just delightful for little girls. They have even created some stylin' pieces for boys {if I had a boy, I'd totally love these ties!!}. ;)

Also, obviously near and dear to my heart: they recently donated 500 of their beautiful pieces to St. Jude's cancer research patients. I dearly appreciate companies who do what they can to bring smiles where they're desperately needed. 


The best  scarf .    

The best scarf. 


Thank you Peppercorn Kids! We are some of your biggest fans!  


Samples were provided for review. We are truly fans of Peppercorn Kids, and all opinions are our own.