Two Years / by Kate Brightbill


Two years ago, my darling Maggie came into this world. She is joy beyond what I could ever expect. She lightens every day with laughter... it comes so naturally to her to smile all day long.

The day she was born, there was overwhelming emotion and I wrote my heart on my secret little blog for family and friends at the time: I wrote my pain, and my joy-- it feels appropriate to share here today, two years later:

August 19 & 20, 1997 were the hardest days of my life thus far.
My brother was a beloved hero to me who breathed his last breath on August 20, 1997. 14 years ago. I remember the details of the 24 hours preceding his death like none other. I remember falling asleep on the 19th unsure whether or not I would see him alive when I awoke the following day. Loved ones stayed over & up all night, spending time at his bedside praying and singing and reading scripture to David. I remember us ending a prayer and my brother opening his eyes and asking weakly that we pray more. I ate normal meals and drank apple juice. My brother couldn't eat or drink anything. We prayed for miracles that night. We prayed for life all morning. We prayed that he would see my sister and mom again. They were flying from Virginia on the earliest possible plane.
Our prayers were answered. My mom and sister arrived home. Gave kisses, said goodbye. We held my brother's hand and watched him close his eyes for the last time and be at rest with the Lord finally. It rained the entire day, night & morning before he took his last breath. 
Then it happened: He breathed his last. I walked outside in surreal shock and God showed me rainbow in the sky. "Remember my promises," He said to me. He said to us. He sent us a rainbow.
His grace is sufficient.
He is holy.
His Words are true.
He is sovereign.
He will turn our mourning into dancing.
His promises are true.
I cannot look at last night without seeing that rainbow again. Our Lord is so good to us. Thirteen years I've spent August 19 & 20 with a sorrowful heart. Today- I see instead God's generous hand blessing our family with our Maggie. Of all the dates and times for her to be born, she came in the middle of a night so set in sadness for our family and brought joy to our Augusts forever. I cannot believe this was any sort of accident. 
How beautiful it is to know Christ. To have hope. And to be joyful.

Happy birthday to my darling little Maggie. Our little spark of life, our beaming beauty with sweet, delicate features, and an even sweeter heart. We adore you.


Ps. All about her little birthday party and favorites, coming up tomorrow... it was a smashing success- we had one happy little 2-year-old on our hands! 


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