So Good: Juniorbeads / by Kate Brightbill


Hello, beautiful colors. Hello, JuniorBeads

Accessories are the best. Are you with me? They take the most basic outfit and step it up five notches, and add impact... at a fraction of the cost of buying more clothes. Sophie is an accessories queen, like many 4-year-olds around. There is no such thing as enough color; meanwhile, Maggie couldn't care less about color, but bracelets are thrilling for her. She walks around with her hand up, holding bracelets and feeling the fanciest. Melts me. 


They are SO right for kids. JuniorBeads are the new line from Chewbeads. Chewbeads are the brilliantly SAFE, chewable necklaces that are perfect for new moms with babies that love to eat their mama's jewelry... Juniorbeads are the mini version for big kids! 

Now, obviously with kiddo jewelry, safety is crucial! Yes, this covers all the bases: no BPA, PVC, no lead. All the way it should be. The clasp is breakaway, so if their necklace gets caught on anything, it detaches from the girls' neck immediately. For me this means I can allow my girls to climb trees in their accessories- worry-free! 

ps. I kind of think the Chewbeads are a perfect gift for stylish new moms. No need to retire all the fabulous jewelry after having a baby after all! ;) 


Juniorbeads were provided for review. All opinions are my own... and Sophie & Maggie's. We authentically adore their new accessories.