So Good: Wunway / by Kate Brightbill


Here's a little story: Sophie randomly decided one day that she likes wearing extra long leggings that she can wear under the heels of her feet. She would refuse short leggings because she couldn't keep that little fabric under her feet when she's wearing short leggings. 

Thankfully she's come out of that stage, but it delighted her to no end when a little box from Wunway came in the mail, carrying leggings that did just that on their own. Wunway just seems to KNOW what kids love... 


It's no big surprise: the creators of this charming brand are three mothers themselves- to 10 children between the three of them! They're well versed on comfort + style... whimsy + edgy, with neutrals mixed in to keep things just right. In addition to a modern loop leggings, Sophie got the new twirliest dress in her closet. This dress spins with the best of them. 

"Style starts young" is Wunway's motto and how true it is. I've learned that somehow opinions- strong ones- develop early, and preferences are clear.  


Maggie is a bit young, and for her, comfort is everything. She is enjoying her high-waisted animal-print leggings and cozy cream sweater because of its softness, mostly. I think it's adorable because it gives this high-fashion-for-kids look, but feels JUST right for a backyard playtime. (and those chubby toddler hands are my favorite thing). 

The clothing at Wunway is unpredictable, yet on trend. They are always fresh, and always comfortable for kids... And their accessories options!! I love when kids' accessories and clothes don't take themselves too seriously! 

So! Here are some other favorites from Wunway... and you'll have to drop by their site and check out the other cuteness they offer! 


Samples were provided for review. The opinions are all our own. xo