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Last week I got totally emotional and had a crazy-mom moment... I'm talking tears folks. School is coming. 

Here's the most embarrassing thing to admit: I got teary thinking of Sophie going to school next fall. No, not this fall. Next. I never have thought myself to be a teary type, but hey, things change. Kids change things. Kids growing up too fast change things. Ahhh. 

I think the realization is just that once they go to school, they're literally gone five mornings a week. I won't be able to go in reverse and say "oh, let's do that time again!" Mornings are the best time for little dates at coffee shops, for walks and bus rides to parks and grocery stores, for staying in pj's until noon on Mondays... we're living the good life here.

I'm going to go ahead and appreciate the fact that getting into pre-school in San Francisco takes so much work and $$$ and about two years of advance application, so I didn't get my act together... and I'm going to soak in every moment of mornings together. 

All sentiment aside: I LOVE the back-to-school vibe... all the school supplies really are serious fun, and they've only gotten better since I was in kindergarten, obviously.  

Here's where you get the cute things above:

supply: notebook || colored pencils || desktop accessories

wear: sweater || oxfords || skirt

carry: backpack || water bottle || lunch box