Eight Lovely Years / by Kate Brightbill


Brian and I married eight years ago today. 

We were 22. It was a beautiful, romantic, foggy San Francisco evening that I became this man's wife. I was giddy and nervous and in love... and so young.  

Brian and I grew up together these 8 years and have so much to still learn. Ups, downs, good times, tough times... we laugh and cry together, drive each other nuts sometimes, but when it's all said and done, we adore one another.  He is the one I call when I'm having a hard day. I depend on him to cheer me when I'm sad, and be happiest for me when things are good. Lucky me.

I had this funny plan for my life before I met Brian. I would definitely not meet a guy to marry in college. I would work for a bit in a fancy job, take my sweet time, marry someone from out here in San Francisco...

...but God had a WAY better plan and totally changed my life with him. In the best way. And the rest is {our} history, as they say! 

Happy Anniversary Brian, darling.

Also- I looked it up and the 8th anniversary gift the FIRST time I checked is supposed to have something to do with maple. Maple? Obviously, if you know me, you know my mind gravitates toward donuts, so I liked that... but then I thought, "that is weird." So I googled it again, and this time results sounded right... it's bronze. But then, really, bronze?

I'm sticking with the random site that said it's maple (which I interpret to be maple donuts), and foregoing tradition for something he'll actually like. Also, Brian- if you're reading this- feel free to forego tradition as well. No need to replace the drawer pulls with new bronze ones.

Happy July 8th everyone! Make today a good one. :)