In Pictures: July / by Kate Brightbill


Ahhh, summer in San Francisco. It has been an absolutely gorgeous year overall, but a lot of July has been covered in fluffy, white clouds. Good thing fog is gorgeous, because it's chilly. 

America's Cup has been a huge highlight to the month. We're becoming fanatical about getting to the water to watch sailing regularly, and we got to experience an amazing race with my sailor grandpa, who explained the ins and outs of racing, over burgers sans kids. Major highlight of July.  

I laughed a LOT, ate more cupcakes than I should, took far more pictures of my children than any normal person, and did more exercise than I have in probably ten years. So all in all, yes: July was a very good month and I cannot believe tomorrow will be August already.  

 "The days are long but the years are short..."

true that.