That Was Fun: Renegade Craft Fair SF / by Kate Brightbill


I spent some time- and a little money- at the Renegade Craft Fair this weekend. There were some REALLY good vendors this year, so I took pictures so you can get to know a few of the pretty shops and check them out online! It's seriously like Etsy in real life, which I love, because you can see the quality up close!! It's fantastic. The kids don't last too long in the crowds, so that's good for the pocketbooks (I never actually call them pocketbooks in real life, but it's a pretty fun word to type and totally felt like it belonged in the sentence, you know?). 

Clockwise from top left: 

1. Toyota Screenprinted Bags (so we could see how it's done!) for free AND raised money to help women through  #toyotagiving.. love a good cause. || 2. Rufflewood Pillows, with gorgeous prints and perfect seams for great prices! || 3&4. Honey & Bloom Prints and goodies. || 5. The crazy delicious ZConfections caramel corn. I couldn't get enough!! 


Clockwise from top left: 

6.  Shapes & Colors Textiles cheerful coin pouches. || 7. Ahhh! I didn't get the shop name, but such gorgeous color in these glass hanging plants (if you know, do tell!) 8. My favorite: incredibly crafted toys by A Summer Afternoon || 8. My dream bike was resting outside by the water, so obviously I took a picture. 

Oh, and hey! BONUS: freebie photo booth sessions! We weren't all ready for the first one... I think Maggie wins for best all-around variety of shots (as any good toddler should), and Sophie wins for most perfectly still-like-a-statue-with-a-mustache. She only moved her eyeballs, it seems. ;)  


Thanks for the fun, Renegade! Till next time. xoxo