Adventure: Muir Woods & Lookout / by Kate Brightbill


Some days just call for adventure.  

Adventure just calls for the "real" camera. 

The real camera just calls for a long photo blog post.  Get ready.

muir woods.jpg

Mill Valley is like 15 minutes from the San Francisco city limit, and Muir Woods is RIGHT there. I grew up around here and hand no clue that woods like these were so accessible!! Yesterday, we wanted a little family adventure without having to battle our sweet little toddler's resistance to long drives (this is where having no car during the weeks works against us.. for Maggie, it's kind of the stroller or bust!). For some reason, my husband- who did NOT grow up around here, but knows his geography- suggested it because of its proximity to the city, and off we went!  

We grabbed lunch before leaving, ate it on picnic benches before getting inside, and then started our little hike! It's an incredibly manageable hike with two little ones. Perhaps it's because our lifestyle is to walk a LOT, but the kids walked themselves most of the way to the end! The massive trees, creeks, bridges, and general gorgeousness were perfect for my girls. S and Brian went a bit off-road hiking on a high trail, while M slept in her little Maclaren stroller (which, by the way, is totally fine for the easy trails).  

Stinson Beach was totally nearby too, but pretty packed considering it was the BEST weather, so we just drove up to Muir Woods lookout and enjoyed the insane views of the ocean, city, and mountains! All in a little days' adventure. I'd go again in a heartbeat. 

It's funny, because before we left, I sprawled lazily out on my bed and said "ehhhh, let's just rest at home todayy (with a bit of whine), and when we got home from our adventure, I felt more rested and grateful than I've felt in ages. Sometimes you just need to get OUT of the house/neighborhood/norm, and get a little extra dose of nature and family time to be invigorated! :)