Weekend Links / by Kate Brightbill


First priority is highlighting your reading material for the weekend... all gorgeous. 

The 4th gets me in the mood to grill.. or rather- to get my husband to grill for us... steak with corn using this recipe... mmm. 

If you think apps are acceptable for your kids, we love this one. Mini memory, puzzles, basic letters and colors... M and I use it together and she's learning fun new skills! 

I linked to info about coconut oil a few weeks ago, and it's now my favorite eye-makeup remover/moisturizer for dry skin/everything they say it is... If you haven't purchased some already, get on it. ;) 

I'm REALLY into the extra 40 sale at J.Crew... especially this dress... and this tank... and everything else.. (being a mother to little girls is sooo tempting!!)

Using these sounds like the best little idea. I mean, FREE... gets us every time right? ($1 ice cream given for free one day of the year creates lines two hours long, so clearly FREE means something!) ;) 

I can't justify this kind of purchase, but how cute would these little chairs be in a dollhouse? I love dollhouses and furniture for them so much. 

So there you have it. Short & sweet links for the weekend! Check them out!