What a (beautiful) week / by Kate Brightbill


What a week, what a week.  

First: the weather recap (in my childhood dreams, I would become a weathergirl. Good news is that in reality I didn't, because Apple products- Siri in particular- have totally messed with job security there).  

It rained- real rain- on Monday and Tuesday. I know that basically everywhere except CA gets rain year-round, but we just don't. It was very strange and kind of cozy and I wasn't sure if I should turn on some Christmas music and start wrapping gifts. It was weird.  

Then came Wednesday and I went outside early to a crazy warm, humid strangeness. I was in Haiti once, ages ago, and it felt just like that. In San Francisco. Yes, crazy but kind of awesome at the same time. I like a bit of variety.  

Now it's hot. I want to go jump in a pool, but no one in the city has a pool for the two weeks of the year that temps reach 90. 

So now that we have the weather all summarized, I'll move on... 


Sophie has told me she prefers to be called Sophie because that's her name, not Soph. She also dressed herself in a NOT crazy outfit, totally neutral outfit this week that made her look like she was 8 instead of 4 and both situations made me feel like she's such a big kid. Then today she put polka dot red pants, a striped multicolored skirt over, striped neon shoes, and a sparkly striped long sleeved tee with a brown sweater and a red flower headband over it, and I loved it. She IS still my little girl. 


Also this week, Brian and I went to another Ben Folds show at a sweet venue called Mountain Winery. Our good friend works & tours with them, so it was kind of a no-brainer to drive down to Saratoga and hang out on a gorgeous day and listen to good music. We got there very early, so it felt like vacation to just enjoy the grounds for a bit. (Work? What's this "work" you speak of?) Yes, it was about the most ideal Wednesday you can have.


I'm feeling quite old this week because I've been giving that knowing, very mature "mmm" when I see quotes that I like on Pinterest. I've always held myself to a higher standard than to be the one repinning quotes and sayings, but turns out, I'm just like the rest of us. I "liked" a few and screenshot a few, and next thing I know I'm going to hit the "inspirational sayings" tab and go to town with my "quotes" pins. Ack, such a grown-up thing. But seriously when I see: "gratefulness changes everything," I actually do believe it does deserve to be bookmarked and written and framed. I'm 30 and it's showing more & more... 


Speaking of something that should be framed... this gem may need to go in a future yearbook for these girls ("mom, what is this 'yearbook' you speak of?"). I mean, they're clearly artists, preparing to fly off to a place where they can make music and wear tutus and twirl their days away- nap and chore-free days, I might add.

Anyway, I'm sure you're aware that it's Friday and I'm in a mood and it's a good one. It's hot, (did I mention that?), and I'm wearing a dress, which Sophie lovingly pointed out to her daddy "mommy is wearing a dress because she wears enough jeans and she should wear her dress today..." which says a lot about why this blog is called styleSMALLER and not simply STYLE, because it would imply that more effort is made on my end than actually is.  

As much fun as I'm having typing the girls' nap time away, I really need to vacuum... you can probably tell from the above photo.  

Happy Weekend!  


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