Date Night / by Kate Brightbill


There comes a point when you have children that you just need a date. The past couples months have been reeeallyy busy for us, and generally our babysitting hours have been spent being social, so this was a past-due date night. There is nothing like taking a moment to breathe, enjoy the fresh air, and look up and not down chasing cute little kiddos and keeping them from trouble.... and eat without bibs and spills. ;) 

I benefitted from Brian turning 30 last year, and we got to use a gift card from his birthday to La Mar this weekend. If you're going to San Francisco and need a REALLY good date for dinner, it's definitely a great option (there are a lot of great options here though... I want to make a giant list of favorites soon)! I could have eaten the "cebiche nikei" all night. SO GOOD.

We were able to chat about anything and everything and really just take our time with it all. I definitely didn't appreciate dates before children like I do these days.

How often do you get on dates? I'm always curious if once in a month- like we've had lately- is a lot or a little as compared to other couples. I really admire the people who can date weekly. It sounds so ideal.  

HERE is my little Vine video from our date (love this guy!).



 (also, there are always simple cheap date ideas here)