Getting to Know: Kelli & Lauren of basq Skincare / by Kate Brightbill

Kelli Kenny and Lauren Parisier are co-founders of an amazing mom luxury skincare company basq {the line has received countless recognition and awards, and have collaborated with Disney!}, and they are also down-to-earth moms with lovely families! These moms do it all, and they are here to share a glimpse into their lives with us behind the scenes. 

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How did the concept of basq skincare come about? 

LP: During pregnancy, I was working in skin care and began to learn all the things women should avoid.  As an expert, I found it surprising how little I knew and how little information is provided during pregnancy.  We all worry about stretch marks and deal with skin changes but there wasn’t much out there for pregnancy that was built well both in terms of ingredients and beauty.

What motivated you ladies to start your own business? 

LP: I have always wanted to start a business – there is a unique challenge to staring with an idea and bringing it all the way to see if it really works.  I wanted to create something I could truly call my own and give it my best without any edits that naturally come when you work in a large company with a lot of layers of management.

KK: We both had a strong entrepreneurial spirits and individually always wanted to start a business. I think knowing each other so well, and having worked together already in a business environment, gave us each the push to take that leap.  

How have you managed to be friends and working together? What are some of the benefits and challenges to starting a business as a team?  

LP: We have been lucky!  When you start a business you have no idea what it will bring.  Kelli and I bring different strengths but we have a shared vision. We work a lot because we like to achieve, we are never satisfied and we laugh all the time to keep sane.

KK: Working together it is one of the easiest and best aspects of the business.  We have very similar views regarding the business and rarely disagree on an approach to an issue.  When we do disagree, we are never really far apart – so whoever has the strongest viewpoint is fine.  

The benefits are numerous.  Having someone else as vested in the business, who can temper the negatives and really understand the successes – small and large.  Having coverage around the clock is really important and having a partner makes that possible.  I tell people never try to do it alone – especially if you have a family – the amount of work, time and commitment is so great – a partner enables balance when you need it.   

The biggest challenge is division of work.  We are both very Type A, love basq and like to be involved in all aspects of the business.  Having overlap is a formula that has worked for us from the beginning but there is always so much to do – we really need to divide up more.


What are your personal favorite products from your lines? What do you use daily in this stage of your life? 

LP: The Face Cleanser and the Resilient Oil.  I am an oil addict – it is so good for the skin and is the fastest way to get a great glow.  The Face Cleanser is my fix all – I try lots of ingredients to see what’s new but I have very sensitive skin and it often reacts.  The Face Cleanser puts everything back to right no matter what problems I cause.

KK: I use the face cleanser, eye gel and body oils.

Tell us a little bit about your children.

LP: My children {Jason, 13 and Kaitlin 10} are funny, athletic, and kind.

KK: All three of my kids {Ava 15; Gavin 10; Sienna 6} are great conversationalists and a have strong sense of self.


What is your favorite part of the day or the week? 

LP: Saturdays – no matter how busy we are with sports or friends – it’s a time to enjoy the family with no stress about what happened last week or what’s coming next week

KK: Sleeping in on weekend mornings.

How do you manage your time between work and your home life?

LP: I find that it’s all a blend – I think of the day in terms of 24 hours – some times I’m up really late or really early to fit it all in.  The best part of owning my own business is flexibility.  I can attend something important during the day and work late into the night to get everything done.  It also helps that my husband is very supportive and pitches in whenever I need help.

KK: Make quality time for each and stay focused during that time.  For example, if I’m at a sporting event for one of my kids, I keep the blackberry off. 

How does an ideal date night look for you?

LP: Sitting on the couch with a glass of wine and watching a funny movie or catching up on HBO favorites.

KK: Dinner and listening to live music. 


Where would you like to be in your business in five years?

LP: I’m all about new products and ideas – the more I can find fun new ideas the better.

KK: Bigger!!

What has been the best opportunity or collaboration you've had from starting basq?

LP: Disney It’s a Small World – we loved their recognizing us as the best in maternity and allowing us to participate in a brand that is about helping kids around the world.

KK: Disney was a remarkable experience – what an amazing company.

What is your style "uniform?"

LP: I love black – I tend to go with black pants or black dresses all the time – it always looks good and fits any occasion.

KK: For business I am pretty conservative, usually suit pants and shirt. For evening style I totally mix up but usually dressy pant suits.  My go to color is black – of course – but I wear a lot of bolds too.

What are your favorite shops for yourselves and your kids?

LP: We are all about cooking - funny enough – it would be foodie markets or cooking stores. For clothing we are all over the map from department stores to boutiques in NYC.

KK: I tend to really mix it up and pick up things more on a whim when I see something that strikes me.  It could be in a major department store or a really tiny boutique. I like the diversity of shopping neighborhoods in NYC. 

Do you read any blogs regularly? If so, what are your favorites? 

LP: I jump around from cooking blogs to mom blogs all the time – we are big fans of all the blogs that offer great advice and product ideas for those expecting and that are new moms. A few of my favorites include Apartment Therapy’s ‘The Kitchn’, The Wednesday Chef, Cool Mom Picks, PopSugar Moms and of course Style Smaller.

KK:  A-List Mom,, BabyZone, Celebrity Baby Blog, Daily Candy, Design Mom… the list goes on.

Thank you so much for sharing your gorgeous products and lovely families with us, Kelli and Lauren!! xoxo. 

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