I Honestly Love... / by Kate Brightbill


...The Honest Company.

I've been guest- writing for The Honest Company for about ten months, and have never really talked about why it is that I love the company so much, and about what products are stand-out, must-have products for our family.

Where do I even start here?

Well, since you can pick five products for a bundle every month, I'll just tell you about my top five products that I have in my home at all times:


1. Fruit & Veggie Wash: I try to buy organic produce for our family when I can, but just to be frank with you, it's not always affordable! Can I really be spending 50-100% more on organic when my family consumes excessive volumes of it daily? (seriously, my girls are fruit & veggie monsters. It takes a tad more convincing to get my husband to eat the peas and broccoli...) The answer is no. I felt guilty about buying the cost-effective produce until I received the Honest fruit + veggie wash. Game-changer, I'm telling you. Give that bottle a little shake, spray, rub, rinse, and bright, shiny, CLEAN goodness on their plates. It's a no-brainer. Add that one to your monthly family pack, stat. No, seriously. Cleaning fruit is a new addiction of mine (do berries EVER look as bright as they do in the picture above??? Amazing).

2. Honest Dishwasher Pods: These are the BEST. No residue left, dishes are truly clean when they come out, and it really means a lot to me- as a parent especially- that they don't have the harsh chemicals. I recommended them to my mom and she raves about how well they work too... and she's very particular about her dishes.

3. Sunscreen SPF 30: Always. Protect little faces from anything. If you tried the sunscreen from a year ago, it wouldn't lather, but this new version of Honest sunscreen is amazing. Non- whitening, and neither of my children have ever had any sunburns!! Not even kidding.

4. Healing Balm: Okay, so I don't have little babies who get diaper rash anymore (ohhh, my children are such big kids!!), but while I did, this was a miracle-working diaper rash healer. I'd apply it liberally to the area and (seriously!) the rash was gone the next time I changed her diaper. We also use it for little cuts or scraped knees and noses. 

5. 4-in-One Laundry Pods: I got to #5 and I really couldn't decide on the last one, because I use several other products excessively, but this is a must-have for us. The detergent gets out the stains and keeps our clothes fresh-smelling and clean- clean looking and clean from hazardous chemicals.  

This box is the  FREE trial . Whaaat? Yes. Free.

This box is the FREE trial. Whaaat? Yes. Free.

(I have to give honorable mentions to the multi-surface cleaner and the shampoo and... everything else...)

Here's the deal: it costs $35 a month to have bundles full of this goodness delivered to my home. In theory, if I had an ample supply, there would be no need to keep them coming, but really? I use the extras for gifts: they have great new-mom gifts (don't even get me started on those cute diapers- that's a post in itself), hostess gifts (Dishtowels! Hand soaps! Candles!), and little add-ons to birthday gifts (perfect lip balm, anyone?). It's great to have fabulous products on hand for anything. The pretty little trial is free (except shipping! yes!!), and a great way to see what it is you love best. 

It is beyond amazing to be able to contribute to a site for a company whose values are to keep families safe at a reasonable cost, and products line up with the needs of our own family. 

Also: make a train from an Honest box with your kids when you get your order! :) 




I was not compensated for this post. I received some products for review, and I have purchased some of the products on my own. I have also received some products for guest contributions to the Honest blog.