I Honestly Love...


...The Honest Company.

I've been guest- writing for The Honest Company for about ten months, and have never really talked about why it is that I love the company so much, and about what products are stand-out, must-have products for our family.

Where do I even start here?

Well, since you can pick five products for a bundle every month, I'll just tell you about my top five products that I have in my home at all times:


1. Fruit & Veggie Wash: I try to buy organic produce for our family when I can, but just to be frank with you, it's not always affordable! Can I really be spending 50-100% more on organic when my family consumes excessive volumes of it daily? (seriously, my girls are fruit & veggie monsters. It takes a tad more convincing to get my husband to eat the peas and broccoli...) The answer is no. I felt guilty about buying the cost-effective produce until I received the Honest fruit + veggie wash. Game-changer, I'm telling you. Give that bottle a little shake, spray, rub, rinse, and bright, shiny, CLEAN goodness on their plates. It's a no-brainer. Add that one to your monthly family pack, stat. No, seriously. Cleaning fruit is a new addiction of mine (do berries EVER look as bright as they do in the picture above??? Amazing).

2. Honest Dishwasher Pods: These are the BEST. No residue left, dishes are truly clean when they come out, and it really means a lot to me- as a parent especially- that they don't have the harsh chemicals. I recommended them to my mom and she raves about how well they work too... and she's very particular about her dishes.

3. Sunscreen SPF 30: Always. Protect little faces from anything. If you tried the sunscreen from a year ago, it wouldn't lather, but this new version of Honest sunscreen is amazing. Non- whitening, and neither of my children have ever had any sunburns!! Not even kidding.

4. Healing Balm: Okay, so I don't have little babies who get diaper rash anymore (ohhh, my children are such big kids!!), but while I did, this was a miracle-working diaper rash healer. I'd apply it liberally to the area and (seriously!) the rash was gone the next time I changed her diaper. We also use it for little cuts or scraped knees and noses. 

5. 4-in-One Laundry Pods: I got to #5 and I really couldn't decide on the last one, because I use several other products excessively, but this is a must-have for us. The detergent gets out the stains and keeps our clothes fresh-smelling and clean- clean looking and clean from hazardous chemicals.  

This box is the FREE trial. Whaaat? Yes. Free.

This box is the FREE trial. Whaaat? Yes. Free.

(I have to give honorable mentions to the multi-surface cleaner and the shampoo and... everything else...)

Here's the deal: it costs $35 a month to have bundles full of this goodness delivered to my home. In theory, if I had an ample supply, there would be no need to keep them coming, but really? I use the extras for gifts: they have great new-mom gifts (don't even get me started on those cute diapers- that's a post in itself), hostess gifts (Dishtowels! Hand soaps! Candles!), and little add-ons to birthday gifts (perfect lip balm, anyone?). It's great to have fabulous products on hand for anything. The pretty little trial is free (except shipping! yes!!), and a great way to see what it is you love best. 

It is beyond amazing to be able to contribute to a site for a company whose values are to keep families safe at a reasonable cost, and products line up with the needs of our own family. 

Also: make a train from an Honest box with your kids when you get your order! :) 




I was not compensated for this post. I received some products for review, and I have purchased some of the products on my own. I have also received some products for guest contributions to the Honest blog.