Be Hiip / by Kate Brightbill

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So you know I'm not reeeeallly into being in front of the camera... I'd way rather be taking pictures of my children... BUT I have a good friend named Nicole. And Nicole started a business. I believe in her business and I believe in its mission, and I took pictures for hiip, and I want a hiip bag, so I figure you might too, and so I'm going to tell you all about it...

hiip= helping individuals in passing


I pass individuals who need help constantly. And I'm pretty sure you do too. Whether you live in a city or suburb or country, there are needs. For every hiip bag sold, a "hiip kit" is provided for an individual who is homeless and needy. Nicole created each kit based on the needs that her homeless friends in her neighborhood shared with her. Socks, shampoo, lip balm, etc. to take care of some basic needs, and more than that- spark a conversation to lead to friendship with people who are outcast, with people who are friendless, who have been through hardship after hardship. I mean, what if these people were part of your family, and landed in a state of homelessness... and you lost touch? Wouldn't you be praying that someone would come along beside them and be their friend? And give them hope? The mission of this business is a beautiful thing that I can actually STAND behind. 

SO I literally am standing behind and for it. I couldn't pick which bag I loved best, so I basically have tried them all. They're amazing for park time because you can just strap all the essentials to your hip and be hands-free, or you can do the messenger style if you're not up for a modern fanny pack ;) If you need an evening bag, you can fancy it up for a night out on the town and use it as a clutch.

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Stylish for days and nights. Be hiip with us. Tell all your friends, pin it, blog it, love it.



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And while I'm at it- promoting my friends and all- photos are all taken by the talented duo we love so dearly: Pictilio... they're everything you'd want in a photographer: sweet, funny, efficient, and GOOD. and they travel! :) 

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And nope, this isn't a compensated post and I did not receive anything for free. I simply love the brand and felt strongly enough to write about it.