Donuts / by Kate Brightbill


Donuts are my failing. 

It's Friday! I think we should have donuts to celebrate!... It's Monday! I should have a donut as a pick-me-up!.. It's the weekend: donuts! 

Also, donuts or doughnuts?  

They're good. And I love the picture of the one above- it's Dynamo Donuts {they DO have great ones, but this particular flavor wasn't my favorite- I've heard great things about their maple bacon}. 

If you're in SF, try Bob's Donuts on Polk. Doesn't look like much, but they cost $1 flat, they take Square (good for the unprepared who never keep cash on hand!), and I'm hoping they never renovate and become a welcoming, pretty place to visit with a fancy website, because they may double in price.  

I used to talk about donuts a lot on twitter, but then I started getting a bunch of spam weight-loss followers so I reigned it in. 

To be perfectly honest, I suggested I do a donut tasting around the city "for blog research" but Brian called my bluff. Maybe he didn't want to spend his Saturdays in the car driving me around the city with our children while we {I} went and ate 10x my weight in warm, glazed donut calories. I don't know why... ;)

I eat a ton of veggies {remember the leeks I was just referencing the other day? Who eats and LOVES leeks, really?}. They cancel each other out. I like vegetables, and I like being healthy, and I can't quite explain why I'm sitting here, confessing my love for donuts today...

...then again- hey- it's Friday!! So why not? ;)

Ps. Pinterest is totally with me on the donut thing:



So maybe we're all in this together.

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