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I skinned my knee at the park the other day. It was the most legit skinned knee I've had since my childhood, I'm pretty sure. It was so sunny that I decided to try the monkey bars with Sophie, and they just don't make those things tall enough. So much for trying to be 4 years old again... and whatdayaknow... those things HURT.

Speaking of pain, yesterday I took a run for the first time in six months... not kidding on that. I was on the cross-country team in high school, and that's always helped me easily get running a good 4 or 4.5 miles when I started back after some time, but apparently there's an expiration date on that "picking up where I left off because I used to train to do this" thing. Also, I'm no stranger to giant hills, but yesterday I thought I might die before making it to the top. The good thing about the hills is that SF is full of gorgeous views whenever you finally make it up those terrible/wonderful hills. I felt as accomplished as if I had run a marathon, even though it was 2.5 miles. Anyway, we'll see if that run leads to a life of being in shape, or if I don't get back out for another six months... you never know! 

This week was warm and beautiful: we painted, played outside, had good moments, had challenging moments, and ate really, really good grill food (there was the most perfect steak ever accompanying that food picture above- thanks Brian)!  

Now for a little: 

Link Love

I love links. Hope you do too! 

Kids throng Makada water source 4.JPG

First of all, my cousin Erin Taylor, is doing a walk for water. They're raising support to build wells for clean drinking water for the people of Uganda. HERE is her fundraising page... there's only about $100 left for her to raise, so even like $5 would be a big help. 

The cuteness of all these striped party ideas is a little ridiculous. People are amazing with all their simple but perfect ideas. 

Loving this tee. 

This post about dressing a boy is my favorite. If I had a little boy, I'd take some of her tips for sure!  

My new favorite app tracks my steps.. apparently 10k steps per day is what an "active" person walks? I'm only between like 7k and 9k, and that's on a sunny week. This is what motivated my run yesterday, actually.  


Photo from Studio DIY  

Have you guys ever gotten fresh flowers on the top of a present? I have and LOVE it. I pinned this one (pictured above) so that I'd remember to do that next time I need to bring a gift somewhere. 

Personally, I'd love to win a pair of See Kai Run shoes. Here's a giveaway.

These dotty leggings went on sale and are tempting me big-time.  Especially because there are always extra 30% off sale coupons... hmm.

The most gorgeous prints went on sale too, and this one is my favorite. 

LAST, don't forget to enter our giveaway! So simple to enter!! Ends tomorrow!! 

Happy Weekend!