Mama Profile: The Ladies of Small Fry Blog / by Kate Brightbill


I'm delighted to share a little interview with the lovely ladies over at Small Fry Blog today. These girls manage to be stylish, sweet, and inspire readers every day! Their love for simple joys of childhood are highlighted in every single post they create. Follow Small Fry on TwitterFacebook, and Instagram.

What motivated you to start Small Fry Blog? 

We wanted to create a space where we highlighted the joys and beauty of motherhood. While there are plenty of things that aren't beautiful about the hardest job on earth, we simply want our blog to be a place to remember the happy times! (also see their post "Why Small Fry?")

How did you meet and decide to work together?

We've been friends since junior high. Sometimes people are shocked to find we are real life friends who love each other and the opportunity to work together. We started the concept and development of Small Fry in August 2012. 

How do each of you use your strengths to contribute to the blog?

Before we started Small Fry, Emily was a stylist, Nicole a photographer, and Jenna a graphic designer. Emily does all of the writing for Small Fry, Nicole the photography, and Jenna the graphic designs. We have a little system where each of us has touched a post. From start to finish, we work together on an idea, so each post is filled with love.


What has been the highlight of your Small Fry venture?

So many highlights it's difficult to choose! I think one of our favorite opportunities so far has been working with various amazing & gorgeous mothers who we've featured in our film series. We love seeing these moments with their children captured on film. it's a treasure for them but also for us to watch! 

What are advantages and disadvantages to working together, as opposed to creating your own blogs?

It's definitely a perk to share the work load, have friends that know what it's like to run a blog & creative people to bounce your ideas off of! It can always be a challenge working with people, understanding different personalities & work styles. we definitely aren't void of that but we try our best to have a really good open dialogue & communication which has so far helped avoid any major issues! In the end we really love each other and enjoy working together.


What is the best part of your days and weeks? 

Jenna: the best part of my day is that moment in the evening after we've bathed the kids and are reading them stories just before bed. It's when that moment of "ugh is it bed time yet?" leaves, and in its place is the feeling of buying just a little more time with them awake.

Nicole: I love mondays. For me it's like a New Year's day once a week. I can start fresh, start new with goals & aspirations. 

Emily: Sundays. The one day we get to spend all together with no stress on what needs to get done, where we need to go, or what needs a scrub down. one day that's at our own pace and all about family. 

What is the best part about being a mother?

Jenna: the best part about being a mother is the relationship I get to have with these little people. they trust in and love me so much. That responsibility I have to love, protect & teach them- though it can be overwhelming- is the most amazing role i've ever had. 

Emily: the best part about being a mother is watching all the love and care and energy you put in start to show. Hearing them say they love you, or complimenting the breakfast you made or telling you they liked your hair today? Nothing is sweeter.

Nicole: best part is having humans love you so completely, counting on you for everything & thinking you are the most wonderful thing there is. 


What are some favorite Etsy shops and small businesses?

The talent is so endless! Lately we've been loving Candy Kirby DesignsLittle Hip SqueaksLouandLeeFreshly Picked Moccasins etc....

What have you learned about balance for personal life and blogging life?

At the beginning we firmly decided that if it took away from our families that we wouldn't participate in it. Often, we will cancel a meeting or postpone a shoot because one of us needs to be with their family. That's the joy of our blog, is that our kids are involved in most everything!

Do you have tips for new bloggers? 

Blog about what inspires you and not about what seems popular or trendy. If it's a concept you're passionate about than you'll never lack content or desire! 

What have you learned about yourselves through your blog? 

The blog has taught us that there's nothing we can't do if we are willing to invest in ourselves. We all deal with insecurities, but in celebrating what's positive about our lives & our children we've found a lot of joy.

Thanks so much ladies!

xoxo, Kate