Spring Resolve / by Kate Brightbill


I'm someone who finds myself saying "yes" far more than I probably should. You know the type... over-booker, under-planner, a bit on the calmly scattered side of things. Calmly scattered? Yes, you heard me. It's a thing. It's me. When I feel overwhelmed and totally feel like my head is spinning, I get this look of focused calm and start being intensely efficient, but if you look deep into my eyes and ask how things are going, I may just have a meltdown for ya. 

When Brian and I were just Brian and I, we were incredibly social people. We traveled, we spent time with friends, had adventures like crazy, and ate very, very good food. I've always said I like to leave room for the unexpected, so I don't want my calendar to look even remotely full. I'd rather just plan what we want to do based on how we're feeling at the time...  it made for a LOT of good fun:

Fast forward to now. We're still social, but now with kids' excursions added; we still love good food but generally force ourselves to eat what I cook; we still have adventures, but now have two new little (completely adorable) variables to include on our calendars. It means really, we can't be world travelers the way we think we should. And even though my little ones aren't in school yet, we can't be doing everything on a whim and everything last-minute. 

I'm 30 now, so I think it's best to become the responsible "filled calendar" type. That doesn't mean I fill every day, it's more that I need to adjust my technique, you know? And it's time I make definitive yes or no decisions on what's to be done. And say no a bit more, maybe. 

It doesn't make us more busy or less busy, it just makes me no longer scattered. And hey, the trade-off in adventures is so worthwhile because let's be honest: every single day is adventure with kids...

Cheers to almost-April Resolutions!

(who says resolutions are reserved for new years, anyway?)