Mama Profile: Christina Hultquist / by Kate Brightbill

Christina is an amazing L.A.- based photographer at Little L.A. Photography and her work is gorgeous!! She's here to share her life and some little photography secrets for you today... I couldn't get enough of her photography, so there's a little slideshow with extras at the bottom! Visit her website at 

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What motivated you to start your own photography business?  

My business sort of evolved into one. I have always loved taking pictures of my kids and environment. Friends would see my kids pictures and ask if I would do pictures for their family, their daughters wedding, their head shots.. When I started getting requests like those, I really wanted to please those people with my photos. That is when I started studying photography deeper. Eventually I made it my full time job. 

What has been your most exciting business opportunity? 

I have worked with celebrities and traveled to Paris for business, but being invited to attend a birth is the most exciting of all! A birth is such a sacred, private event, and I feel so honored.


How do you balance your work and motherhood? 

That is a challenge. I think I am still finding the balance. I have my computer in the living room and I'm not sure if that helps or causes more stress! I've often edited with a kid or two on my lap. I plan shoots around my families schedule. You wont find me at a shoot on Monday mornings because I will be at my 4 year olds dance class! Once I drove to a shoot, set up, left for dance class, and rushed back to the shoot.  Basically I think "What can be neglected today?" Normally it's the dishes!


What are your favorite characteristics of your kids? 

Each of my 3 kids are so incredibly different. Luke, my 12 year old son, is so caring and protective of his brother and sister. He is a cool skater kid outside but at home he is a fort building big brother. My daughter, 4, is my idol. I always say "I want to be Kara when I grow up." Her mis-matched style mixed with her cautious personality and her adorable hair cut....Sigh. Then there is Lex who will be 3 this week. He is a rough-and-tumble child of the 80's HA! Seriously he would fit right in in 1984 suburbia. He is often playing dinosaurs rock'n a vintage Superman T and some floods.. or nude. haha 


What is your favorite time of the day or week? 

Hot yoga is my favorite time of the week. I go to Moksha Yoga LA a few times a week. I love when in class they say "You are right where you need to be in this moment" and I think "HA! I need to be working, making dinner, cleaning..but I am here avoiding it!!!" I am grateful for that hour of avoiding life and the uninterrupted locker room shower after!

What are some good photography tips for beginners? 

Read your camera manual. Then read it again. And then what the heck, read it again. It probably wont make sense until you read it the 6th time, so read it 8 times. I learned by reading tons, asking questions to anyone who would answer them and practicing like crazy. Every time I turn my camera on I am learning more. Every situation is different. Light is different, the subject is different. So just keep shooting! Each time you turn your camera on you will be better than the last time! 


When do you feel most relaxed and content?  

Relaxed and content... probably after bedtime and there is likely wine involved!  


What is your "style uniform?" 

I am discovering my style now. I spent the last 3 years in nursing tanks and an Ergo baby carrier. So I am in the process of rediscovering my style. I wear clothes that I can squat, lay in damp grass or hike in. Skinny jeans, boot, and a shirt that will not get in the way of my camera strap.

Christina, thank you sooo much for sharing your beautiful photography and life with us! So good to get to know you. :) xoxox, Kate