Currently Eating... / by Kate Brightbill


Truth is, I'm currently eating the same thing for lunch every day.

It all started when my sister mentioned she made mediterranean-style dinner the other day, and she started talking about what was on it and how good it was... I wanted to discard my standard turkey and cheese sandwich I was eating and head to Trader Joe's right then and there. The next day I did. I picked up some ingredients and it's been the same thing every day since. Boring? Maybe... but in the most delicious way. SERIOUSLY. And my girls eat every bite. Maggie doesn't usually eat bread of any type (she's the kid who licks the cheese of a quesadilla), but she'll eat her pita bread because it's smothered in humus and yogurt dip. 

Here's what goes in my toasted pita:

  • Grilled chicken (you can just grill a few chicken breasts to have them on hand all week, or you can be lazy like me and get them already sliced at Trader Joe's and grill them that way).
  • Spicy Humus on one side 
  • Mediterranean Yogurt Dip on the other side
  • Feta
  • Lettuce and Tomato (if I have them in the house)

They're so simple to make and soooo good (and pretty good for you!). And if you're a vegetarian, grab some falafels instead of chicken. Mmmm.



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