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Have a fancy little tea time with your little ones.

Now that Sophie is trying to sound out her words, I'm loving books with just a couple simple words like this one.

These headbands are all seriously popular right now for a reason... they are crazy cute! I think Maggie needs a set in her life.

Obviously I'm a huge Jessica Alba and Honest fan, so I'm going to remind you to buy her new book The Honest Life!! Just released this week. :)

I'm in baby gifting mode- lots of friends are pregnant- so I've been on the lookout for cute toys and these seriously fit the bill (and I love when toys do double duty as toys and teethers). 

There are some back and forth articles about moms + iphones and I'm kind of from this camp... I think it's just about being deliberate about turning those phones and technology on when you need and using that OFF switch liberally. Anyway, let's just be nice to each other and encouraging, eh?

Anyone else LOVE bagels? Probably, but probably not as much as me. Here are some good-looking bagel options that I would have a hard time refusing if offered to me.

FINALLY, you guys, I'm trying to figure out how to transfer google followers over here, but haven't quite become THAT techie yet. So sorry if you're a google follower, but I just created a new way to follow and it's through the button on my sidebar to the left that says "Follow through Bloglovin'" and we'll just start from scratch here with a feed for ya. DO IT. It'll keep you in the loop here and I would love it. Thank youuuuu. :)

Enjoy your Sunday!!


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