Home Loving / by Kate Brightbill

I'm in major spring cleaning mode, so out with the old, in with the new. It's funny, when I started the clean-out, I realized there are a few things I haven't used in YEARS, but there are definitely items for every day that I could use around here...


1. Plates. We're down to five full-sized plates here folks. How did this happen? I don't know, but I've been married almost eight years and it seems I've lost a plate per year until this year. Is that a good or bad turnover? Whatever it is, I'm ready for new ones. I'm thinking patterned rather than solid this time around. There are plenty of good options, including these beauties from West Elm, of course.... though I may prefer color too.

2. Console. A skinny console table is exactly what is needed behind my couch. I've done away with the hideous side table we were using, which cleaned up the living room look immensely, but we're in need of a spot for mugs and such that children cannot easily access. 

3. Candles. The house needs to smell good, and I absolutely LOVE walking in to a lightly fragrant home. These brightly colored candles are pretty decor too.

4. Coasters. They are used every.single.day around here (no rings!), so it'd be nice to put out a fresh, cohesive set that wouldn't look bad sitting on our coffee table all day.

5. Cutting Board. My cutting board recently cut in half. Weird right? Overuse, clearly. It was wooden and it started getting a crack that just kept getting deeper and deeper. Now it's gone and I'd love to replace it. The flimsy plastic ones just don't get the job done as well. I like this one from Etsy a whole lot better.

Hope your Thursday has been a little more exciting than mine! Back to cleaning...

- Kate