Today / by Kate Brightbill


Today I want to write about today. 

I don't have it all together today. I don't even have things close to all together. Projects are half-complete. Laundry has piled. I need to go to the store. The girls have not taken their naps. Today I had to take away the privilege of going to the park because of disobedience. I'm making headway... but I'm okay with the in-between today. Some days I'm not okay with it, but today I am.

Today Maggie ate a coin. And Sophie sobbed and said "I can't believe it! Maggie ate a coin. Her tummy will be ruined! She will be so sick. I can't believe it." Maggie was giggling and running in circles and thinking the whole scene was fantastic as I called my cousin {who is in medicine} to have him assure Sophie that Maggie would be fine (and we'll just keep checking on her in the next couple days...) 

Today it's 70 degrees. The trees are sprouting green and white in the most beautiful way. Today my view is perfection. The birds are singing and I think they think it's a pretty darn good day too. 

I haven't been sleeping well for one reason or another lately (aka. small children in my bed & scary movie nightmares), but today I feel rested. We've gone on a couple family day trips in the last couple months and today I realize that they are refreshing me. Without staying the night or having elaborate vacations, I have been refreshed by day trips and the adventure with our little family this year. Try it. Seriously.

Today I need to keep doing the things that need to be done, but today it felt so right to sit and think about how grateful today is making me.