Childhood / by Kate Brightbill


I kind of think everyone wants to be a kid, most days. For some reason, kids think grown-up life is the BEST (endless ice cream and no bedtimes!), but I think most grown-ups agree that there's just nothing quite like the enchantment of childhood.

When you're a child, every dream is ahead and every day's objective is to play. There's no shame in lunch being splattered all over a tee shirt, there is no bashfulness about whether or not your outfit matches, and when you fall, you're not checking to see whether anyone noticed-- you're just looking for a kiss and patterned bandaid. 

Your jumping jacks are all wrong, but you think they're all right. Your art is collected shades of brown, but it definitely deserves a magnet on the refrigerator. Your hair is unbrushed to the point of dreadlocks, but that sparkly headband makes you sure you're a princess. You'll try to repeat words in other languages without being concerned whether your accent is perfect or not. 

You don't live to be an image of perfection. You just live to attempt and maybe succeed, maybe fail. You love to learn, you love to dream.

You are hopeful and beautiful and imperfectly perfect.


Childhood is forever appealing... it's a beautiful gift of possibilities and faith and hope... 


How glad I am to have two beautiful little teachers keeping me in line every day. ;)



Thank you Silvana di Franco for perfect pictures of a happy, messy childhood.

Tee. Sweater. Skirt. Shoes.