Bits of Life / by Kate Brightbill

It's Friday, it's Friday, it's Friday!

It's also 70 degrees and sunny, which adds an extra bit of pleasantness. I've also finally broken through the throat-on-fire theme that's been plaguing me for a full week, so really there's a lot going for me right now. 

My mother-in-law is in town, so we've also had the fun perks like hitting up Starbucks this morning, exploring the city, and lunching at Marengo (one of my favorite spots for casual food in the city! Just look at that slider below, mmm. and p.s. why doesn't every restaurant have purse hooks under tables?), and having a warm shower that lasted longer than five minutes on a weekday. You know, the big things like that. :)

Sophie did her fair share of ballet this week. She's always loved it, but she's been twirling around and performing like crazy this week. Maggie wants to copy everything Sophie does, so there have been a couple little collisions during "performances," but to be honest, she seems to have a natural knack for gracefulness and dance (do all parents say that stuff? Maybe, but I'm pretty sure it's true here, ha!) We have no clue where this gracefulness comes because neither my husband nor I are particularly gifted in that department, but we're glad for her. We even finally upgraded her ballet uniform from Target to an official version, and from whatever striped or sparkle tights she chose that week to true pink ones. She'll probably still go for the bold striped tights, but hey, we feel like we've finally invested a tiny bit into her ballet obsession, so we'll see how that goes. She can now use her old stuff for when she just feels like dressing as a ballerina around the house or neighborhood.

Meanwhile, Maggie has been investing her time in the arts of exploration and mischief. She will climb anything, crawl through anything, and lately... move everything from one corner of the house to the other. Today was the first time she really took a long walk without a stroller ("long" is relative... it was only a couple blocks), and she did a phenomenal job. I said "stop Maggie," and she would stop. I'd say "this way" and she'd come. She's was checking herself out in store reflections as she walked too... and she was laughing. That Maggie is always laughing.  

I'll have your links later today! They're good ones... don't miss 'em. 

Happy Weekend,