Morning Downtown / by Kate Brightbill


Hi Friends!

I'm working on a little re-design (it's about time!), and I'm not a designer, so doing my best to figure this whole thing out is swallowing all my spare time! I'll be in & out of the blogging game this week until I get things up and running. :)

We did go downtown today for a little morning outing. The best day to go downtown is always Monday. It can get soooo chaotic during the weekends that I just avoid it altogether, but Mondays are so peaceful and beautiful. The cable car line is only about 15 people long, rather around and down the whole block, and a stroller can easily maneuver down the sidewalks.

Hey has the La Boulange food hit your Starbucks yet? I was hesitant to be happy about Starbucks buying La Boulange because I've loved them both separately, and sometimes the small company gets eaten by the big one and becomes sub-par, but in this particular instance: well done folks. The collaboration is ideal. One day, not too long ago, I went into a Starbucks and ordered a chocolate croissant. It changed my entire outlook on food at Starbucks in that first bite. It was warm and literally melted in my mouth. Maggie ate more than her fair share and we both wished we had doubled the order. Sharing is overrated sometimes (don't mention that to my children). It was an amazing croissant!

Today, I went to Starbucks to have the same perfection, and it tasted... well, terrible might be an exaggeration, but it wasn't good. I looked at the little food window and there were no La Boulange signs, whomp whommmmp... mystery solved. Looks like they're rolling it out store by store, so I hope for all our sakes that they expedite that rollout. Or maybe I don't because summer is coming and chocolate croissants melting in my mouth do nothing for my figure.

It's time for me to get back to "designing." Hopefully I can get this whole thing done asap so we can get back to the regularly scheduled program here. I heart consistency.



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