Loving & Linking / by Kate Brightbill

I know this is super late, but I wasn't going to let another week go without some links. It was another great December weekend, jam-packed and full of good memories, so I spent my spare time crashing on the couch rather than linking. Good choice, I'd say, because we're all still getting links... and they're good ones. ;)

Photo via  F  oodess

Photo via Foodess

Sweet cranberries that are soooo pretty... also, getting bored of my own soup recipes so I'll definitely try this soon.

Do I really need to know that a dish with this much sugary deliciousness can be prepared neatly in the comfort and warmth of my own home? Nope, but I want to make it anyway. ;)

Love this wrapping idea.

This blog that makes it look awesome to live in the snow.

Beautifully written and spot-on.

Similarly raw and honest and refreshing post.

Haha, the Facebook "don'ts".

Oooh, found an online source for the sparkly candles from Sophie's birthday I found in a tiny city shop, so now we can all put them on every birthday cake...

Cutest & coziest looking slippers are on sale for $35 now! Gotta love the December sales.

Favorite pin this week. So charming. {I'm into the braided crowns}. 


Happy Monday! Stay warm out there.