Cold. Really, really cold. / by Kate Brightbill

I have worn socks more days consecutively than I can remember in my adult life. I've been avoiding the great outdoors. I've been spending my days wondering if the time has come for us to move down to southern California. I have become incredibly dramatic...

... all because of the cold. 

There are people {most of you, actually}, who are accustomed to cold. Who even thrive in the colder season. Who take jogs in icy temperatures. I am not you. It has been in the 40's and dropped even to the 30's in the nights for like two weeks, and we have three days left until the normal December upper 50's come back. 

I think whoever made up the quote that the coldest winter they ever spent was a summer in San Francisco was full of it. Just completely off {ps. contrary to popular belief, it wasn't Mark Twain}. Our summers definitely can be covered in a cloud, but that cloud doesn't compare to the 30's and below that are real winter. 

My apologies to those of you who are having no sympathy for my cold toes and for the fact that we generally only own beanies for fashion statements. 

In other news than cold weather {IS there other news than cold weather? Not on any news reports around here, certainly}, we feel a bit genius because we resubscribed to Netflix only for the month of December. Now we can watch all the Christmas movies we want without having to buy them all. It's the little things, you know?

So now you know what we'll be doing with all this spare time indoors. That and dancing like ballerinas. Or like jibjab elves, which is a thing now. Obviously. 


Ps. We're about to experience Pennsylvania winter for Christmas. Somehow when it's there, it feels far more appropriate and I whine far less about it. 

Pps. Just read this. So funny!! At least we KNOW we're unreasonable about it all.