Weekends in December / by Kate Brightbill

Candle courtesy of  RedEnvelope .

Candle courtesy of RedEnvelope.

I know I said that fall is my favorite season, but after rainy, cozy, delightful evening that feels just right, December's stock goes way up. The candles, the lights, the Christmas music and movies just have that heartwarming effect that somehow only happens in December. December reminds us to give, to share, to get together with people we love. 

This December has been the best one for me since my childhood. To be perfectly honest, there have been some hard ones in there... when I was 11, 12, and 13 years old, my brother was pretty sick, and December can lose a bit of its charm when you're making multiple trips to the hospital in the rain + traffic as opposed to enjoying family with candles and Christmas lights. The years following reminded us of that sense of loss for one we adored so dearly. 

This December though... this December we're experiencing the magic of the season again. Our children cannot stay away from the tree and its glow and the ornaments. They sat by the tree to eat their dinner one night {not the best idea, lesson learned ;)}, Sophie will stand and gaze at an ornament just because it's beautiful {I remember doing the same as a child!}, and they want Christmas music playing at all hours of the day. We've been reading the story of Jesus' birth regularly, and talking about angels and stars and thankfulness.

Childhood is so sweet. It's such a gift. My children aren't even a bit stressed about giving gifts or about addressing envelopes or about travel. They're invigorated by it all, and their joy is rubbing off on us. I've never felt so stress-free in December and not because I'm lacking to-do's... believe me, I have plenty on my plate. ;)

December is best when a bit of perspective is handed to you daily by tiny little girls with big smiles.


Ps. RedEnvelope gave the candle to me as a gift, and it is actually one of the best candles we've had. The scent is perfection and the simple chic style is beautiful. All opinions are my own.