Loving & Linking / by Kate Brightbill

Photo via  A Subtle Revelry

Great party ideas to save for 2014 {or use on New Year's Eve!}... partial to the blow box party lights! So fun!

How you speak = Where you were raised... this was spot-on for me. I speak like I'm bay area/SF born & raised, without question. You?

In case you have spare time on your hands before the New Year, here are some great things to do.

My new favorite bomber jacket {I can seriously wear it with everything!} is now half off... take it from me, it's worth the purchase!!

Cutest shoes ever, maybe? Maggie has them in grey and wants to wear them 100% of the time.

Pretty NYE nails! {I've been chillin' with my my good old Pinterest account more than normal this week...} 

Amazing puzzle!

YUM! How amazingly delicious does this look? 

Apparently these are the best sugar cookies ever... I LOVE sugar cookies, my friends, so it's very likely we'll be trying this at home. ;)

Cute little printable activity book


Happy last-weekend-of-2013!