Don't Forget to Order... / by Kate Brightbill

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Minted Cards

Don't forget to order your Christmas cards from Minted!! If you can get your orders in today, you can have them to your house by the 19th. Seriously.

Do you feel like you need more time? They can overnight your orders! Order New Year's cards! So many options, and almost all of them have the option of reading "Merry Christmas," "Happy Holidays," and "Happy New Year," so you can work with the cards to personalize.

Here's what I do every year: I say, "oh Minted is offering to address my envelopes for me, including return address for just a couple extra dollars? Eh, it's okay, I'll do it myself because it's more personal."

Yesterday I was paying for that decision. Remember when I said I'd have my Christmas cards out December 1st? Nope. I used my poor, out-of-shape hand to write each individual card. I teased Sophie while I was doing it, saying "Sophie next year you get to do all of these!" and she laughed and said "no way mommy. That's too many letters!" I've been driving us all a bit nuts around here trying to get these out the door. Anyway, most of them are in the mailbox now, and I think most are legible enough to get where they need to go, and a little hand cramping never hurt anyone. Also, I'm not addressing them in the airport, which is an improvement from one year that I actually thought that was a brilliant idea. 

All this to say: Get your cards from Minted asap, then do yourself a favor and enter your friends' addresses in the system because that's wayyy easier. Also, watch my video that I made about Minted cards and see my kids' favs...  

Happy Friday! 

Minted provided cards for review. All opinions are mine.