We're Wintery / by Kate Brightbill

All photos by  Pictilio

All photos by Pictilio

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So. Here's the question: are you getting excited for Christmas yet? WE ARE. 

I mean really. We're singing carols around the house, eating our weight in sweets, and rocking the beanies and cozy hats everywhere we go... because it's "winter" and kids are only tiny once and tiny kids are adorable in colorful hats. 

We're headed for snow (A white Christmas maybe? The east has been getting so many snow days), and I'm ready for it. I'm ready to lay low, and eat a lot of potato chips with dip only found at my in-law's house, give gifts, and be merry. We're already merry, but there's a bit of a cherry on top when no one is working and we're all together. 

Zara Hat

Maggie's outfit: Zara beanie & Sweater // Hand-me-down leggings & boots (similar here and here)

Photos by Pictilio.

Maggie is my little winter baby. I was scrolling through pictures of the kiddos, because naturally after spending every waking hour with them, they go to sleep and I miss their faces, and somehow these wintery pictures landed beside each other, and I love them all together. Also, she spends more of her days with giant smiles or giant tears {the life of a 2-year old is incredibly emotional}-- or running around so fast that all we get is a blur of a photo, so it's also remarkable that she looks like such a serious child in all of these, ha! 

Photo by  Indu Huynh

Photo by Indu Huynh

Photo by  Blink Inc .

Photo by Blink Inc.

Scarf by  Peppercorn Kids