Gift Guide: For the Kiddos / by Kate Brightbill

Gift guide season is nearly over, and we're saving a couple of the best gift guides for last: kids! I asked some shop and blogger friends to help share their favorites again, so be sure to visit their sites to get inspiration! 

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Kiddos Gift Guide.jpg

Happy Shopping! Are you guys almost done? I'm about halfway through, but really I just have to click a few buttons and finish my orders. I lovvve gifting. Brian and I get so excited about it, particularly when we think we got exactly what someone really wants. I have a love/hate with wrapping. It takes me awhile to be motivated to sit and wrap, but once I do, I love it. We have sparkly gold for a few gifts that we used as a table runner for Sophie's birthday party, and it miraculously didn't get dirty at all! It's the pretty paper that is motivating me to get it done sooner rather than later! 

So today is the day. Finishing the ordering and completing the wrapping. I love Christmastime. xoxo.