Best Gift: For a Couple / by Kate Brightbill

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Sometimes you just need a gift that's outside the box. I'm REALLY excited about THIS gift under our tree from RedEnvelope. It is... dundunduuuunn: 

Dining Table Tennis.

I don't know what made me think I needed to spend $$$ to get a pingpong table in order to get a good game going. This is genius... it's $30 best gift for couples can actually use on the regular. It's like buying a date, buying a gym membership, and buying a pingpong table all at once. HA!

Seriously though, we're loving it. We kind of got it as a gift for someone else for Christmas, but after testing it, we may need to buy a second set for them...

Pingpong Tourney
Table PingPong
RedEnvelope Table PingPong
PingPong Tourney
RedEnvelope Dining Table Tennis

All photos courtesy of the incredible Pictilio.

All table tennis pieces wrapped with ribbon in one beautiful red box courtesy of RedEnvelope.

All opinions legitimately courtesy of me.