Golden Gate Bridge Adventure / by Kate Brightbill



I remember my fourth birthday clearly, and not another until seven. Sophie's fourth birthday was spent on a plane. I put a stick that said "happy birthday" in every meal she ate that day, and we had a grand time traveling cross country together. She requested Thai food for dinner on her birthday, then fell asleep, jetlagged, at the table. Safe to say that she may not remember that day when she is an adult.

We set out for FIVE to be a memorable birthday. One of those that she can remember in her 30's and beyond. My husband picked the perfect bike for our big girl, and she could hardly speak when she saw it... she just whispered "it's beautiful!" and ran to her daddy's arms. We spent thanksgiving morning riding it here and there and everywhere... and then we thought about making the day MEMORABLE, and took it a step further. 

My sister sent me a link to 101 things that kids growing up in San Francisco should do, and it's about time: we needed to walk across the bridge. We loaded the car and took a drive to the beautiful landmark. Sophie biked on the walk side, so we were rule-breakers a little, but she was giggling and blissfully happy. What took us so long to get over there?

What a gorgeous, amazing day. 


This weekend was big and dramatic and increased the thankfulness levels tenfold. One trip to the ER and one significant car accident for family {everyone is FINE in both cases} shook us up and made us recognize the incredible blessing that is our health. I'm finding myself a bit extra protective for my loved ones and wanting to hold them close and kiss them extra and tell them how much I love them. 

Happy Thanksgiving weekend and now welcome to December! Ahhh how I adore the Christmas season.