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Photo via  We Eat Together

Photo via We Eat Together


We love our tree to be a mix of fun and plenty of color, so I'm planning to use leftover felt {from THIS diy} and make some of these pretty ornaments.

Books to inspire grateful hearts. 

Which side of the brain do you use most? (I'm 59% right, 41% left)

Ohhh my gosh, Brian and I were LOVING these pictures.

Really into garland right now. Particularly this

I don't know about the quality of this camera, but I love the look!

So cute and sparkly!

I've been working sprucing up my home a bit more lately, and I love these tips.

Scones are my favorite.

Those leaves!

This almost makes me want to go camping. Almost.

{But actually, maybe I'll just stay in my warm home by the fireplace instead... last time I went camping, a bear quite literally almost ran me over in my first 15 minutes in yosemite... true story, unfortunately, but I lived to tell, so maybe it's fortunate?}

Also, I won this at The Land of Nod party last night and wow, the quality is unreal. I want to get more! 

HERE is the big question of the week: have you seen the new Delighted Magazine?? My sister did an amazing job! I'm partial to the kiddo style pages 38-50 {hello, Sophie & Maggie, and my perfect little niece Camille!}

Happy Weekend!