Beautiful ShopBelle / by Kate Brightbill


There are some dresses that are special. You take them out of their package and there is something different about them... ShopBelle has the best supply of these kind of dresses and Sophie was thrilled and honored to have received one...

The material is fancy and soft, there are gold stars, and those gold stars sparkle. She breathed in a bit when she saw it. She put it on and immediately began to twirl with enchanted smile of excitement on her face. Her birthday dress was here. 

The kind of dress that a little girl who dreams of ballerinas and princesses wants to wear over, and over, and over. She's been talking about the day she will get to wear it, and how those gold stars will sparkle. 

I love childhood. The enchantment. The imagination. 

074Delighted&StyleSmaller- Induhuynh.jpg

We are so endlessly grateful to ShopBelle for sending this gorgeous dress. It will be worn to bits, each time with love. 

Dress // Hat // Shoes (similar)

Much thanks to Indu Huynh for the beautiful photos above. Her portfolio is GORGEOUS. 


ShopBelle provided this dress for my girl, and we adore it. All opinions are genuinely our own.